Luxury Microfiber Towel

I know that lots of people enjoy going to the gym, yoga, or just a quick swim. I love to swim, but have issues carrying around bulky towels each time I go. The Luxury Microfiber Towel by Cooler Health is a great product for me. This set arrives with 1- Large Towel measuring 55” x 29.5” and 1- Small Towel measuring 24” x 14.5”.The material of these towels is extremely lightweight and they dry pretty quick. They are also very soft and don’t feel scratchy against my skin. These towels can absorb 7 times their weight and resist smelly and going stale just in case you forget to hang them up when finished. I love to use the smaller towel to wrap around my hair after my swim classes. I then can wrap up in the larger towel. These towels are a cute, bright green color and come with a compact mesh bag for convenient travel. I wash my towels along with my other household towels and have noticed that they did shrink, just a bit. It’s not a huge deal, just something to take note of. Overall, I like this product and will continue using it often!

*I received this product at a reduced price.

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