CUCCU Set of 7 Fine Delicates Mesh Laundry Washing Bag Premium Quality,Best Lingerie Wash Bag,Protect Underwear & Lingerie,Bras,Hosiery,Intimates,Blouse,Sweaters,Baby’s clothes ETC

I ordered the CUCCU Set of 7 Fine Delicates Mesh Laundry Washing Bags to us  when washing my more delicate clothing. This is a set of 7 bags in different sizes, making them perfect for all of my needs. This set includes one extra large bag 19×23”, two large bags 15×19”, two medium bags 12×16”, one small bag 9×12” and a bra bag 6”. Each of the bags are well made and had no rips, snags or tears upon arrival. I decided to use them and was pleased with the results. I washed 3 sets of lingerie in the largest bag while washing my undergarments in the medium. When the washer stopped, I was pleased to see that the bags remained closed and everything worked as expected. I love that my clothes no longer get snagged or stretched when using these bags. Overall, this product worked better than I expected and I will continue to use it and recommend to others!!

*I was provided a free sample of this product


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